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Temazcal benefits

     Temazcal is also called Temacal and represents a pre-Hispanic bath whose origin is lost to the origins of the times. This name is made up of 2 words that come from Nahuatl: “themes” (means bathroom) and “calli” (means house). The Temazcales ruins are in Mexico and Guatemala. The simplest ones are called Toritos and are built with branches and blankets.

     How is a Temazcal?

This is a small, dark building with a very narrow entrance. The outside is larger than the inside, and the soil is always dirty, and the steam is produced with an infusion of medicinal plants on bright red stones. The thematic form is different in each area of ​​the country.

     The benefits of Temazcal

Promoting sweating is essential for improving health and eliminating all physical and mental toxins, which is why most cultures worldwide consider this promotion.

The advantages of Temazcal are:

  •  purifies the airways
  • Another benefit of this is the cleaning of the skin from impurities
  • the nervous system of the people will calm down with its help
  • and the immune system is strengthened

Its benefits can be more and more extensive because of any good therapy that benefits health, in general, can improve other symptoms or diseases indirectly.

One benefit observed by the specialists is the one on the psycho-emotional level, instead, it matters who guides us in this ceremony. With his help, we can overcome the following problems: separation, addictions or the search for the meaning of our life, etc.

     Precautions with Temazcal

Just like in the sauna, there are people who can’t stand the dark environments with high temperatures. These people are people with heart problems, hypotension, major varicose veins, epilepsy, people with claustrophobia and hypertension. Before going to Temazcal go to your doctor to ask for his opinion.

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