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Steam shower

Since ancient times, men and women have enjoyed the benefits of steam baths, Turkish or Roman baths.

The benefits of steam baths are not invented recently, as people have been enjoying the benefits of steam for many years.

These benefits are as follows:

  • are very useful if you suffer from acne, because due to the steam, the pores dilate, and because of this favors a deep cleansing, and the skin becomes quite soft.
  • they also have the role of removing toxins from the body, because hot steam is an ideal tool for removing toxins through the skin.
  • cleaning the airways. In the steam baths our airways, throat, nose, bronchi, receive the healthy effects of hot and humid steam.
  • steam baths produce total relaxation of people.

There are several types of a steam baths. Some of them have moist heat and the other heat is dry.

These are:

  • turkish baths consisting of a system of rooms with different temperatures. The first room has a temperature of 45º, the second one at 55º and the third one at 70º. In this type of bath, the heat generated is humid. They were established for meeting people and social relations.
  • sauna. Also in the sauna, the heat is dry, the temperature being between 48 and 65 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is between 10% and 30%. Compared to Turkish baths, the sauna is less humid.

Do they have contraindications?

In these steam baths, the human body is subjected to quite high temperatures, and the heart rate can reach up to 130-140 beats per minute. If we are in any of the following situations it is advisable to take them:

  • consider if you have a task in progress
  • be careful if you have high blood pressure or heart disease
  • if you suffer from varicose veins
  • do not suffer from vasodilation problems
  • avoid these saunas in cases of the severe bronchial disease, epilepsy or anorexia
  • these baths should be avoided by the elderly

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