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Etiology of sexual response

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Dr. Helen S. Kaplan says that the complex sexual responses of men and women are largely dependent on several factors. The main causes of the problems of sexual contact appear because of anxiety and inhibitions. Besides these 2 causes, there may be other problems, which we will talk about in the next article.

In order to have complex sexual intercourse, you must have a complex sequence of hormonal and physiological processes. These 2 processes can be very vulnerable to emotions. In both men and women, the sexual response depends on an optimal hormonal balance, with an adequate level of androgens.

Decreasing this level of androgens can be highly dependent on stress, depression, and frustration. Thus, adverse and prolonged emotional states can cause psychosomatic disorders, including sexual dysfunction.

     Make love not war

Many men believe that sexuality is a constant test of masculinity and self-esteem. Sometimes men are asked for permanent availability for sex, but this will not be possible and, as a result, these demands can create insecurity in more sensitive men because they will believe that their self-esteem will be diminished.

Many men find that the sexual satisfaction of the girlfriend is more important. This is a wrong thought because the sexual satisfaction of the lover is NOT an obligation, but to share a relationship between two with mutual responsibilities.

These sexual problems will disappear when it is understood that sexual satisfaction is not a responsibility for a single person. If you get rid of this problem, fighting the fears, sexual relationships will become freer, more authentic and more complete.

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