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Natural remedies for tendinitis

     Tendonitis is an injury that occurs due to repeated movements or high stresses of the affected joint, which causes tendon inflammation, which is usually painful and limiting.

The movement to cause tendon can also be caused by ironing for many hours a day or any activity that involves constant and repeated movement.

The tendon is a fibrous structure that serves as a link between bone and muscle, which is why it is directly involved in the movement. In conclusion, tendonitis results from a series of intense and repeated movements that deplete and injure the tendon.

If there is no tendon rupture, natural remedies can have a very important benefit in this problem.

In this article, I will recommend some natural remedies for tendonitis.

     These are:

  • Hot compresses with chamomile infusion. The chamomile has many anti-inflammatory and soothing properties in its composition. To make their effect, they must be placed on the affected area and left there for 20 minutes. This application must be made several times a day.
  • Aloe vera is another natural and anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Nowadays there are many oils and preparations based on aloe vera on the market. If you have the plant at home, one of the tips is cut, peeled until the meat is gelatinous, liquefied and sensitized, selling it. You must consider the package leaflet on each product.
  • Arnica Gel and Harpagophyte: In herbal medicine, you can find gels or creams made with arnica extracts and haptophytes that can be very helpful in treating tendonitis.
  • The therapeutic massage, applied by a professional with aloe vera oils is one of the best natural remedies.
  • Warm baths. These are done as follows: place very hot water in a bowl of coarse salt and a glass of vinegar. After you put all these ingredients leave the affected area there for 20 minutes. This technique should be done 3 times a day.
  • Turmeric. It has great anti-inflammatory and soothing power. We will use it as a compress that we will apply to the affected area.