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If nothing hurts, you’re dead

The pain and discomfort are not to stay

More and more around me, I hear this proverb “If nothing hurts, you’re dead”, especially from people who suffer from a certain pain. I often get upset when I hear this statement, because some people get out of work justifying themselves that something hurts. In short, I run away from responsibilities. I know people over 77 who feel no pain and have an active life with joy and motivation. They are very satisfied with an enviable quality of life.

Instead there are justified pains. These are: back pain, neuralgia, gastralgias etc.

Algias, pain and pathologies

Algias creates great discomfort and is only improved with medicines. In most cases, these drugs relieve pain, but there are people who pass it only temporarily. In the worst case, they will not work and will not cause side effects. If you suffer from other diseases during chronic pain, healing will be more difficult to resolve. Mainly, the healing of the algae is treated by physiotherapy.

Often these pains diminish the intensity of other pains. These are treated differently, depending on the prognosis given by the specialist doctor. We can have: stretching, manipulation, massage, postural re-education, etc. Because of this there are many techniques, and the medicine will be according to the knowledge, experience and training of the physiotherapist.

Wellness and health

Each time I recommend that you take pain management measures, only if they persist over time. The body must fight to get well. During life, there comes a time when the body can no longer and then we will realize that it will be very difficult for us to withdraw.

Health is based on the body’s ability to compensate. For example, yes, we have a poorly healed sprain, the knee may be twisted to relieve this pain, and in the face of this discomfort the hip will rotate to compensate. If we do not take action to treat this problem, then the pain will go to the spine, shoulder or neck and can lead to headaches.


Many people avoid going to the physiotherapist because they think healing a pain hurts a lot. For these people we have good news: in most pathologies we do not have to suffer to treat them.

Most doctors today say that pain does not heal with more pain, with few exceptions. That is why you should go to the physiotherapist before the situation worsens and before you are injured.

In conclusion, it is best to listen to our body and look for the causes. After finding these causes we must treat ourselves properly.

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