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Health active ingredients

These are the benefits of eating blueberries and their active ingredients on our health.

In order for a diet to be good, it must include blueberries or oatmeal. They are very good because of its many benefits. They have active ingredients in the composition that positively affect our health and well-being.

Blueberries are not recommended for people with metabolic or overweight syndrome. The daily consumption of blueberries reduces the risk of coronary heart disease or cardiovascular accidents.

Where do we find blueberries and what kinds are there?

In very large quantities, the blueberries are found in central and northern Europe, due to the wild forests of the mountains. The countries with the highest number of blueberries are: Scandinavia, Greece and the United Kingdom, Iceland and northern Spain. There are over 200 types of blueberries in the moment, but most varieties are found in the northern areas. In South America there are varieties that do not withstand the cold temperatures outside.

Benefits of eating blueberries and active ingredients

As I told you above, daily consumption of blueberries, reduces blood stiffness, increases good cholesterol and makes blood flow better. Some varieties of blueberries develop microorganisms in the intestine to maintain their proper functioning due to a carbohydrate called xyloglycan.

Blueberries have iron, manganese and chromium in their composition. In fruits we find the following: catholic tannins, sugars such as pectin, phenol acids and flavonoids.

In conclusion, blueberries should not be lacking in a balanced diet, as they are meant to improve health and well-being. This diet should be properly associated with good sleep and exercise.

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