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Dry and cracked hands

Dry hands are not only a problem of aesthetics, but also a health problem, because when the hands and nails are dry, the skin becomes fragile, and it breaks and this is why the wounds appear.

     The causes of dry hands are:

  • as you get older, your skin becomes more sensitive and loses its shine, which is why you need to be careful what cleaning products you use, as you should avoid: bleach, detergents, DIY chemicals, and some gardening or swimming pool preparations.
  • due to the wind and cold, the skin is also dry
  • menopausal women tend to show greater weakness and dryness in the body
  • also, hormonal drugs or treatments for the pathologies considered have dry skin as a recurrent side effect.

These are just a few causes that affect your hands. If you take action you can always benefit from beautiful and young hands.

     Home remedies for dry and cracked hands are:

  •  the first variety to benefit from beautiful and shining hands is to use protective creams or gloves specific for housework, garden, crafts or DIY. These variants are the ones that can protect you from certain wounds, cuts or scratches
  •  the same basic advice is also for climatology, because if you go out without gloves on winter days, you will arrive home frozen
  •  if you go to the beach, do not avoid protecting your hands with sun creams
  •  it is necessary to keep the skin hydrated with natural creams or herbal essences. After any bath, you can have a massage with almond oil
  • if you are in menopause and you are experiencing changes in your body, primrose oil pearls will help to regulate all the natural discomforts of this stage, including dry skin
  • a mask with aloe vera is very good for your skin. If you want to improve the effect of aloe vera, you can add a few drops of cranberry essential oil as it fights against skin devitalization. This mask should be mentioned 20 minutes
  •  a mask of aloe vera can also be prepared with the help of 2 tablespoons of honey, half of the avocado and one egg yolk.

In conclusion, dry hands need nutrition, hydration, vitamins and minerals to be beautiful and shiny.

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