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Cosmetic uses of body oils

     In this article, I will recommend a few body oils. These are:

  • Almond oil is one of the most used natural body oil. You can find it even in the grass and large areas, without major problems. Many humans use this oil in combination with other oils. It has the role of maintaining the youth of the upper layers of the epidermis and prevents exfoliation. Besides proper hydration, it is also used in allergies.
  • Argan oil is found only in a remote region of North Africa, between Morocco and Algeria, but until a few years ago it was considered exotic and difficult to find.

Nowadays there are many soaps and ointments made from argan seeds. The oil has the role of leaving the skin soft, smooth and youthful. Besides all these benefits, he also fights against the deep wrinkles, of the wear caused by the extreme weather (wind, cold or sun) and even the precarious conditions of life (nightlife, snuff, alcohol or poor nutrition).

  • Jojoba oil and avocado. Jojoba is obtained by cold pressure from the seeds of the tree named and originating in America. The role of this oil is to remove makeup and hair. Jojoba oil does not leave fat and balances all the skin, so it is considered one of the best natural oils for the body. And in the case of acne, it is used successfully.

Avocado oil is much thicker and more nourishing. This oil is very rich in vitamin E, which is why it is recommended for highly devitalized skin.

  • Blueberry oil. Its use is for any skin type and its role is to moisturize dry and damaged skin, helping to regenerate cells and eliminate or reduce wrinkles. Proper use is made at night before bedtime. In the morning you can use this oil in combination with a moisturizing product.
  • In the case of oily skin, Rosa Mosqueta oil becomes a great ally, because it has the role of eliminating the acne signs that contribute to the unification of the tone and to the rooting of the redness. Rosa Mosqueta oil is recommended to use especially when you suffer from skin conditions because it helps to eliminate them.

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