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What is chronic arterial insufficiency?

Arterial insufficiency is characterized by the natural aging of people’s arteries. The appearance of this problem is due to the fact that “tartar” accumulates in the arteries. Tartu are calcified cholesterol plaques. This problem is normal with age, but in some people, it accelerates faster. It can happen when the patient has diabetes or is a smoker or in those with dyslipidemia, such as high cholesterol or triglycerides or family tendencies.

     Blockage in the arteries

This problem occurs when there is an occlusion or blockage in the artery. That is why the circulation of blood to the organs will be much more difficult. This is a process that is gradually established over the years and this almost always happens in smokers. People’s arteries begin to fill with fat from childhood, so aging begins in childhood. In drunk people, complications are observed and the longer they live with these conditions, the arterial insufficiency can appear faster.

Therefore, it is essential that in the case of diseases and epidemics such as diabetes, hypertension, smokers, and diabetics, actions should be taken as soon as possible to prolong the process of chronic arterial failure.

Chronic venous insufficiency can be detected due to the appearance of certain signs. These are:

  • The feeling of fullness and weight
  • Cramps
  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Paresthesia in the legs
  • Deaf pain

All of the above symptoms are much more felt when the patient is standing or walking and is improving at rest or when the feet are raised.