Types of Leukemia

This type of disease is manifested by uncontrolled proliferation and large quantities of white blood cells, generated by the bone marrow and is therefore cancerous. They occur when some cancer cells are larger and infiltrate the spinal cord. Because of this, the immune system will weaken, because the globules cannot mature. It is also called […]

Foods: Clean Your Arteries

More and more cardiovascular diseases can no longer be controlled. One of the main causes is nutrition, and dietitians believe it is the plague of the 21st century. These cardiovascular diseases are caused by clogging of the arteries. This problem occurs overnight, due to lifestyle and food. Discover the Essential Foods that Clean Your Arteries […]

5 tips to lose weight

First I’ll talk about myself, then I’ll give you 5 tips to lose weight. I was not able to lose weight at all and this stressed me very badly. Whatever I did I didn’t lose the pounds of fat. I tried all kinds of diets, I also did exercise and in vain. At one point […]

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a broad term that encompasses a range of more than 100 diseases. It is a general term for cases that affect joints or tissues around the joint. There are different forms of this disease, and each has a specific medical name. Most types of arthritis cause stiffness and pain in and around the […]

Prevent joint pain with these easy tips!

Joints endure a lot of stress. Joints are responsible for every movement you tend to make.However, the problems related to joint pain are becoming very common day by day. People from all age groups are becoming prone to joint issues. Therefore, it has become very necessary to take care of your bones and joints to […]